Some days I don’t want to. Yes, that was the end of that sentence. I don’t want to. I don’t want to clean, wash, pickup, cook, listen to whining, break up fights, listen to their problems, I don’t want to mom. Let me explain, I love my littles, I love being a mom but somedays I don’t want to mom. Of course, if I don’t know one else will so I do it, slower and a little less cheery than normal, but I manage. This is a real thing for me, and when I have talked to other moms, it is real for them too. So, let's allow our selves to feel overwhelmed, tired, stressed, confused, conflicted, mad, scared, jealous (I am jealous he can have adult conversations all day, I know petty but true). We should allow ourselves to feel these emotions without feeling guilty because we are human. Humans have emotions and just because our job is keeping smaller crazier crankier humans alive does not make it less of a job and does not make those emotions less valid. We cover up our feeling, in my opinion, because of mom guilt (which is worse than Catholic guilt, or at least in my experience it is). Let’s...


Hey mama, let's chat for a minute. We love our bodies, or that’s what we say. But do we really? We are constantly looking at changing it, whether we chose to exercise or a little medical help, maybe Botox or a mystery potion, we slather everywhere. We are constantly judging that little roll, or stretch mark or hair where it wasn’t previously (by the way, how long was that long black hair there?!). We should stop looking in the mirror at the “imperfections” and look at the BEAUTY you are. That body has been through a lot, years of fun, laughter, and adventures. Maybe many personal abuses, drinks, sports, partying (parties that feel like they happened decades ago, but I woke up with the hangover just this morning). Your body grew a human or maybe two or more, A HUMAN, let that sink in. Maybe that little fart in a whirl wind, as my grandpa so lovely described, will be the next Plato, Einstein, Picasso, or Mother Teressa. Maybe not, but either way you single-handedly grew a human. It is time for you to look in that mirror and find true, unwavering, undeniable love for your old bag of...

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